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Micah Clark Appears on WISH TV 8 In Indianapolis

Prop 8 Passage in California prompts renewed calls for Indiana Marriage Amendment


AFA of Indiana Executive Director Micah Clark appeared on WISH TV 8 News in Indianapolis Thursday night.

WISH (a CBS Affiliate) was doing a story on the passage of California's Marriage Amendment and its possible impact on plans to pass a similar amendment in Indiana.


Do You Need Obama to Believe?

by Larry Elder

Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Does Obama's victory, as a black man, make you feel that you can do anything?" Someone asked me that on election night.

It is a caricature of America that, pre-Obama, major obstacles blocked achievement. It is equally a caricature that Obama's win suddenly creates opportunity that did not exist before.

Hard work wins, my dad always told me. My Republican father, who disdained Democrats who "give people something for nothing," taught my brothers and me to work hard, stay focused, live within our means, and at all times avoid self-pity. My mom and dad always said, "Ninety percent of the people don't care about your problems. And the 10 percent are glad it's you."

Born in Athens, Ga., and eventually raised in Chattanooga, Tenn., my dad never knew his biological father. The only father figure in his life was harsh, distant and cold. His mother, because he made "too much noise" for her then-boyfriend, threw him out of the house at age 13. <more>